The fastest phone repairing service

The fastest phone repairing service

What would you do with your phone that goes out of use, especially if you bought it just a few months or a year back? You might want to get it repaired in case some critical documents are stored in your home and you don’t have a backup for retrieval. Whatever the case, an open service center is required to do so. Often, our electronic equipment becomes useless when they come back from a repair shop; it happens due to replacing the original parts of the phone with the copied ones. Get your phone repaired in the most genuine repair center across Singapore, mobile phone repair singapore.

What makes us different?

mobile phone repair singapore

Duplicity and piracy of original spare parts are why people do not send their phones to local repair shops, as the shops may either replace original parts or use d-parts to repair the phone. In both cases, the life of the mobile phone is reduced. The problem with the company service center is that though their services and spare parts are guaranteed to be authorized, their charges are very high; they charge approximately two times the cost of a local repair shop. Therefore, our store not only provides quality service but also ensures that these services and products are genuine and reasonable.

Our prices

Our aim has always been to provide quality service and cost a bearable price for the customer. We always wanted to be at par with the service o an open service center and the price of the local service center, and with time, we have been able to do so. Our services include repairing and replacing the faulty battery, LCD/backscreen, damaged charging point, front camera, damaged housing, faulty microphone, and replacement of the motherboard.

Is it worth repairing a phone?

It is always economical to repair a phone in case of minor damages when you don’t know what to do; you can bring your phones to our service center. The engineers in our center will inspect your phone internally and externally to find the problem. On inspection, we will ask your permission in case we will have to open your phone. You must ensure that your phone has not been opened anywhere except the authorized service center for the safety of the internal parts.

Give your phone a second chance with Singapore’s most trustworthy phone repairing services.