Secure The Information With Crest Penetration Testing Methodology

With the advancement of technology in the past few years, most things have gone online and people are working on online systems more. Hence, all the information regarding the work is present on the online system or it can be said that they are stored in the cloud. It becomes a top priority to make this information secure. This is the responsibility of the cyber security team. Thes cyber security team uses various technical methods to meet the demands of the public to keep all the information on the internet safe and secure. One such technology used by the cyber security team is the crest penetration testing methodology.

What is the need for cyber security

  • Cyber security is the process of providing security to the computer systems and networks and the hardware, software, or any sensitive data and information stored by the user in it. It is also used to protect the services provided by the various companies to their users.
  • As the present society is highly technically reliant there is a continuous rise in the need for cyber security as well. There may be various attackers that retrieve some important information, but these security measures help to avoid such accidents, or even if it somehow occurs it tries to minimize the damage.

Penetration testing methodology

The crest penetration testing methodology is used to provide additional protection to the users. This method can help the organization and the companies to be prepared for hacker attacks, malware, etc by continuously checking the weakness and the vulnerability present in the site or application. These penetration technologies can be divided into three main categories which are the black box, white box, and grey-box testing methods.

  • Black box testing involves a brute force attack. When the hacker attacks directly on the website, the tester tries to find the vulnerability on which the hacker has attacked. This is done by a hit and trial method. This is the most commonly used method in real life but it takes a longer time to get completed.
  • In white-box testing, the tester has a good idea of the structure of the code of the application and thus it is easy for them to find the weakness present in the code that may be attacked and it can be corrected.
  • In grey testing, the tester uses both manual and automated testing processes where the tester has partial knowledge about the IT structure. Here the tester uses both the techniques and then improves the weaker areas of the application to protect them from any attacks.

Hence, cybersecurity is very important while working online so that all the data are highly secured.