It is critical to work with a VAPT service provider that has been certified by the CREST

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In the field of ethical hacking, penetration testing is a kind of interaction that is intended to discover and fix security vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications. Pen testing is available in a variety of formats and may be used in a variety of settings. However, since not all penetration testing firms adhere to the same standards, enabling a provider to access critical assets and data may include an inherent risk. Here is csintelligence with crest penetration testing singapore to safeguard your organization and industry.

A CREST penetration test is an evaluation carried out by a supplier whom the CREST organization has accredited. Certification by the Computer Security Requirements and Training Institute (CREST) shows that a business performs and records penetration testing compliance with the highest legal, ethical, and technological standards. Because it offers a picture of the target’s security posture at a particular moment in time, penetration testing is an important step. Because the outcome of a penetration test is mainly dependent on the provider and testers who do the assessment, it is critical to choose a partner that employs a proven and repeatable methodology, employs competent and verified testers, and, most importantly, cares about you and your business.

A penetration test conducted by the incorrect supplier and tester may result in data breaches using sensitive information collected during the assessment and a false feeling of security, resulting in a more unfavorable consequence than would otherwise have occurred.

crest penetration testing singapore

Certified Professionals in Advanced Penetration Testing (CREST)

In computer security, penetration testing is the practice of simulating a real-world assault on a network, application, or system to identify vulnerabilities and weak points. Penetration tests, which are often used in conjunction with vulnerability assessments, are a well-established method of detecting and assessing hazards in the business. The deliberate effort to exploit vulnerabilities and exposures in a company’s infrastructure, apps, personnel, and procedures, among other things.

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing a CREST certified VAPT service provider:

  • Assurance that penetration testing is being carried out by highly experienced, informed, and capable people.
  • Codes of Conduct that are effective and enforced by the VAPT service provider are essential.
  • VAPT services are provided following and in compliance with industry standards.


Confidence in the provider’s skills and quality standards is critical when purchasing VAPT services, which may be challenging to achieve. An organization’s policies, methods, and procedures relating to the services are evaluated by CREST, which issues a stamp of approval if they are considered appropriate for the purpose.