Here are the advantages of DAAS

The Sitecore Managed Services by Sitecore are several benefits

A more accessible website

Customers are given unparalleled freedom and flexibility by the availability of computers that are always, anywhere, and at any time via the internet through PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Minimized capital expenditures

With its classic subscription model, daas breaks the cycle of investing in desktop hardware, servers, software, and licensing, making resources available for initiatives that add value instead of being wasted on depreciating assets.


In addition to reducing space, power, and cooling requirements, daas alleviates much of the heavy housekeeping burden for companies. Internal resources can be streamlined or redeployed, and costs are also reduced. DaaS adoption is estimated to save companies 30-50% over four years.

Increased responsiveness and agility

In terms of bringing on hosted desktops or adding new applications to a hosted desktop estate, DaaS is suitable on both fronts, being highly dynamic, with rapid provisioning and inherent scalability, and being an affordable Opex model.

A more secure environment

A significant advantage of DaaS is that security responsibility is removed from the device and placed within a data center infrastructure geared up for maximum protection. A hosted environment is now the only place where data is stored and regularly backed up since it is secure, encrypted, and accessible for a limited number of users via multi-factor authentication.


Closer alignment with business objectives

As companies scale up in response to peak resource demand, they become over-provisioned if those demands fall back. This is inherently wasteful. DaaS ensures you only pay for what you use since it can scale and adapt as your needs change. In addition to enhancing alignment and reducing costs, role-based desktops can do more.

Increased reliability and resilience

Users can be confident of consistent access and performance through desktops delivered by companies with 99.99% uptime guarantees based on a compelling high-grade infrastructure, security, and support.

Continuity of operations increased.

DaaS offers a convenient alternative to the traditional backup option of a stand-by secondary site due to its ubiquitous availability and centralized data backup. In addition, business, as usual, can continue in the event of weather or travel-related interruptions, as workers can work from home or remotely.

More predictable budgets

A monthly pay-as-you-go fee gives you more excellent budgeting and forecasting certainty. In addition, it impacts your cash flow and can help you plan strategically.

Ensure consistency and future-proof

A unified and uniform environment and an optimum user experience are achieved by providing every employee with a standard desktop base while still allowing them to customize the same applications and regular software updates across the organization.