Communicate Without The Hassle Poking Your Mind

Communicate Without The Hassle Poking Your Mind

Offering a comprehensive selection of dependable and secure wireless communication systems, the wireless business of ELPRO Technologies has assisted businesses in over 180 countries for more than 35 years in enhancing the management and performance of their assets through the use of wireless communication systems.

ELPRO offers a comprehensive selection of devices to let your facility employ wireless technology securely and reliably for even the most crucial tasks. Their products can be used in numerous applications, including water/wastewater, oil and gas, mining, the environment, electrical utility, and industrial automation.

One of ELPRO’s items:

Ultra-Long Range Ethernet for Dependable Connections, Condor Series

The Condor Series Ethernet Modem & Gateway variation enhances the Ethernet modem product line by dramatically boosting data throughput to an industry-leading 140kbps at 25kHz channel for licensed and license-free applications (with compression).

Which industries does ELPRO serve:


They operate globally with utility companies to deliver secure industrial communications for both legacy networks and smart grid networks, allowing for better coverage and a quicker adoption of monitoring and controlling their critical assets.


Since more than 35 years ago, ELPRO’s industrial wireless products have been utilized extensively in the utility and municipal industries. Municipalities (water/waste water) around the world have chosen ELPRO’s wireless devices because of the frequency and functional possibilities ELPRO’s solutions provide their customers. ELPRO offers SCADA Radios ranging from simple and secure I/O control to massive networks for Water & Wastewater applications.


With long-range, high-speed wireless I/O and data radios, ELPRO offers businesses cost-effective network expansion solutions. IP and Serial-based communications offer future-proof network dependability. MINING AND MINERAL PROCESSING

ELPRO Technologies has your plant floor communication requirements covered for FACTORY AUTOMATION wireless factory automation for PLC communications, video monitoring, and light trees on production lines. Forget about hard wiring cable over every obstacle in your business; Secure Industrial Wireless from ELPRO Technologies will handle the difficult part.


industrial wireless communications

We are all aware of mother nature’s dramatic weather capabilities, particularly in Australia. And we all feel that the severity of extraordinary incidents is increasing. When this tendency is combined with rising urbanization, the risk of extreme flooding increases in all regions of the world. Although you cannot prepare for every possible flooding scenario, you can at least be educated.


From China to Australia to South Africa, irrigation pivots must be regulated to ensure the correct amount of water is supplied in order to prevent overwatering and the associated costs. Because the pivots are mobile, hardwired solutions are impractical. Enter the ultra-long-range radio systems and meshing technologies of ELPRO Technologies.

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